The Mzungu Tracks: A Venture into Unfamiliar Grounds (2001, 65 mins)


An extract from a ‘meta’ documentary installation and multiple-perspective account into my filming experiences in Nairobi, Kenya in November 2010. The video provides a socio-political discourse on the disparity of Kenyan lifestyle, which initially sought to present an insight into the lives and stories of others using two very distinct portraits.


On the one hand it achieves this by using interviews with members of society who wouldn’t normally have a voice, but the video also exposes a process of wrestling with the moral discomfort of my position as a white European in a developing country, and explores a means of self-definition and self-realisation.


The work seeks to break the boundaries of conventional documentary formats, and instead aims to represent an artist’s project, where reasons for my actions are questioned. The film articulates ethical dilemmas, and in some respects exists as a critique on itself.

Directed, filmed and edited by Chloë Plumb