Multi-Story: Shostakovich Cello Concerto (2014) - Commissioned by London-based music project,  Multi-Story, this highlights video documents and promotes the evening's site specific performance which takes place in a South London car park, with internationally acclaimed cellist Matthew Barley. 

Weather Stations Project - (2014-2015) - A series of videos commissioned by Free Word Centre in London. They document events featuring panel discussions and debates with artists, activists, philosophers, scientists, and poetry performances around the theme of climate change. 

Making Waves -  (2015, 20 mins) -  A video commissioned by Syncopate Media, Leicester Masaya Link Group, funded by Heritage Lottery. In summer 2014, two generations, both British citizens of Caribbean descent took part in workshops in Leicester and Nottingham. They compared their experience growing up in Britain in the 80's with growing up today.