BALANCING ACTS (2016-17) - Trailer for a multi-media performance exploring mental health responding to six documentary interviews using physical theatre and film.  A collaboration between Kaleido Film Collective and Feral Foxy Ladies. Find out more about the project here 



Just Roll With It  (2012) - Produced for Mexico Project Space 28 Hour Film Challenge. Shortlisted and

exhibited for the Woolgather Art Prize 2012, Leeds. 


I GOT DRESSED IN FRONT OF MY NEPHEW TODAY (2015) - Visuals included in performance by Feral Foxy Ladies at Camden People's Theatre 2014 and Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015.

THE TOURIST (2010) This video made as a result of attempting to record a festival procession with a jammed record button. My attention was no longer on the event but on how I was going to fix the camera highlighting a dissasociated gaze onto a culture that is not my own. 


The Keeper - (2013, 5 mins) - A personal film which delves into themes of loss, memory and widowhood.